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Online Geniuses is a digital marketing community. It is currently the largest marketing community on Slack. It is also one of the most engaged private marketing communities on the web. Members of Online Geniuses – also known as OGs – are able to access the wealth of knowledge from other members through the Slack platform, as well as in-person at community-hosted events.

Founded in 2015 by David Markovich, what started as a Skype group has now formed into a community made up of three membership tiers: Free, Pro, and Marketplace.

Anyone is welcome to request membership in the free community, which includes a vetting process to prevent spam and maintain the community’s integrity and quality. The second membership tier, Pro, is a premium membership designed for marketing professionals interested in growing their business. Pro membership is focused on helping members partner and build strong relationships through the community and partner with other members. Marketplace is a professional-level tier that also includes event, product, and service listings on the OG website. Premium levels may be the right fit for you whether you’re in-house, part of a martech company, an agency owner, or a consultant.

Online Geniuses fosters a collaborative, innovative environment that seeks to inspire and benefit its members. All users are required to refrain from distributing spam content and adhere to the Code of Conduct so that our community can continue to grow with the support of its members.

Meet Our Moderators

Andrea Fajardo
David Markovich
David Fienman
Dinesh Agarwal
Donna Donahue
Michael Buckbee
Paul Shapiro
Robert Adler
Samantha Dittloff
Scott Manning
Tia Peterson

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