Allyson J. Davis: Q&A Session

Q&A Session: Allyson J. Davis

The Allyson J. Davis Bio Q&A Session is happening on Wednesday 24th January 2018 at 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST)

Allyson Davis has an award-winning track record of driving value for businesses. Before joining Red Bull as VP, Integrated Marketing, she served as SVP of Marketing for Universal Sports Network overseeing all aspects of marketing, creation of new revenue streams and development of key partnerships.  She also developed and launched the marketing strategy for USA Rugby’s new subscription-based digital network, The Rugby Channel.

Ms. Davis hasserved as VP, Consumer Marketing and Advertising for E! and Style Networks, and VP of Corporate Marketing for L90, a digital media company. She has held marketing leadership positions with Prime Ticket, Prime Sports and FOX Sports Nets where she launched, re-branded and drove revenue for the media properties.  She also co-created and ran her own company, Big Top Marketing, helping major media companies execute marketing initiatives for clients including ABC, FOX, NBC, Discovery, FOX Sports Net, HBO, Lifetime, Showtime, TLC, TBS, TNT, Versus, Focus Features, NBC Universal Television Distribution and Warner Brothers Distribution.

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Allyson Davis is VP of Integrated Marketing at Red Bull.

The Q&A Session with Allyson was held on Wednesday, January 24th, 2018. This transcript has been edited for punctuation, grammar, etc.

Please give a warm OG welcome to Ally, VP of Integrated Marketing at Red Bull. She’ll be here answering your questions. This AMA may give you wings.

Thanks, OG community. Happy to be here and answer any question – well, almost any.


What software can you not live without?

That’s a great question. I honestly don’t think there is any. Seems like if one isn’t working for me I can always find another.

How does Red Bull measure the success of larger scope ‘stunts’i.e.Felix jumping from space?

Really two main ways. 1. Reach. Have we gained traction on our digital platforms? and 2. Have we sold more cans? Re: Felix, well, we broke the internet on that one. I’d say mission accomplished. But equally important, we helped an athlete achieve a dream, a goal he wanted to achieve.

When do we get our wings?

Open your mind. Be inspired. Then go for it!

Do you guys sponsor creative arts, e.g. music?

We do. Culture is an important playground for Red Bull. We have an extensive history in the music and art space. Check out Red Bull Music, Red Bull Sound Select.

What is the most interesting marketing problem you’ve ever had to solve for RedBull?

The challenge I was brought on board to help solve is to understand all possible elements within the world of Red Bull that a 3rd party partner could be integrated into.Not as easy as it sounds. The Red Bull is a massive company with a lot of opportunities for the right partner. You have to be diligent and not caught up in the shiny things – which there are a lot of. So really honing in on the company priorities and identifying the assets we have that we can leverage with partners that will bring value to the partnership as well.

Preferred channels for building awareness?

This really depends on what the mission at hand is. I’m a fan of mixing it up. Never rely on one thing. It’s asking too much of a platform. While we are in a new digital age, reach and frequency still rule. #oldschool

Are there any email newsletters you consistently read?

Yes. I have a few. I read all of Cynopsis (spelled correctly), Promax and Sport Business Journal (because I’m a true sports geek). I don’t read the Tech Crunchies as frequently as I probably should. I scan as much as possible. I have to be careful. My sponge-like tendencies for information can lead me down rabbit holes and keep me from my priorities. It’s a real challenge with information these days. So much of it. I try to find outlets that provide me with what I feel I need. Then, if I’m seeking more I go find it. Because it is out there!

I’m interested in how you guys measure/attribute value of the big advertising campaigns?

We have agencies that help with ROI. Bottom line will be, did we grow our audience (Red Bull Media House) and did we sell product.

Have you used any applications of computer vision in your social marketing? What is your decision-making process when buying new software that focuses on fledgling technology like computer vision, which might not be in your team’s day-to-day workflow?

You are correct – this is not what my team and I focus on. There are several other folks that handle that aspect of the business.

Are you utilizing any AI?

Just dabbling right now.

What are some of your favorite marketing tools specifically for digital and social media marketing?

My role is currently more about larger vision/strategy. I don’t focus on the specific marketing tools for digital and social media marketing. That’s a different department. My team and what we develop relies on our digital and other platforms to execute.

Let’s be honest, I’m going to ask the question no one else wants (or dares) to. How can I get a Red Bull fridge for my office?

When I figure it out, I’ll get back to you.


When I think about the brand, I feel like Red Bull focuses a lot on disruption and pushing boundaries. Taking trends into account while also looking forward to what the brand can grow into. In terms of disruption and innovation, what mantra or central strategy do you guys always keep in mind when pushing content to stay ahead?

Always innovate.

When you say “gained traction on digital platforms,” what KPIs are you reporting on/what’s important to you? Impressions? CPC? CTR?

It really depends on what we are seeking out of a specific campaign. My philosophy is that no two campaigns are ever alike. My marketing approach is always about the problem we are trying to solve. How do we get there? What does success look like? For some, success may be crowd attendance. For others, it might be CTR. I prefer to work with partners who want to connect holistically.

What’s one thing you’re really excited about testing out or exploring in your marketing plans for 2018?

Reaching new audiences. Going new places perhaps not so familiar to the brand.

What does Red Bull do that’s unique in terms of keeping the beverage seen as a “premium” brand over competitors such as Monster, Rockstar, etc., who also have big marketing budgets?

We stay true to our brand.

You guys have all been so great. I’m trying to get to everyone’squestions. Unfortunately, I have a time limit, and I’ve hit it.Stay inspired. Keep pushing yourselves. Ask questions. Don’t stop. And if you’re scared? GOOD! THAT’S WHEN YOU SHOULD GO FOR IT!

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