AMA: Aaron Blumenthal

AMA: Aaron Blumenthal

Aaron Blumenthal AMA is happening on July 8th 2020 at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST)

As head of 500 Startups’ flagship accelerator in San Francisco, I am most known for my unrelenting hustle, wide-but-in-many-places-deep subject-matter expertise, “oh-go-talk-to-Aaron-he-can-fix-it” reputation, compassionate mentorship, round-the-clock availability, warmheartedness, can-do attitude, infectious laugh, and ‘interesting’ wardrobe.

Two things describe 80% of what I do:

Oversee recruitment for 500’s top 3 in the world SF accelerator program
Screen 1,000s of investment applications
Approve/deny investments based on expertise in specific sectors (social impact, MarTech, AdTech, lead generation), business models (B2B, peer-to-peer, marketplace), growth stacks (SEO, SEM, ASO, Craigslist, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, growth hacks, conversion rate optimization, UX/UI) and technology stacks (PostgreSQL, node.js, React, Python, MVC frameworks, LAMP)
Provide entrepreneur-in-residence (EIR) support
Pitch coach, placing at least 1 company per batch in TechCrunch’s top 3 pitches since Batch 20 (2016)
Functional role: know-it-all + camp counselor for startups & staff

Design, deploy, and maintain global data infrastructure, including CRM (HubSpot), community (UNION+Slack), fund management (AltaReturn, Carta, Ironclad, CapLinked) and internally-developed investment data collection/evaluation technologies
Co-chair of “the data project”, wherein macro data points (startup round / raise results, founder demographics, startup characteristics, etc) and micro data points (founder behavior data, and … other stuff I can’t talk about) are collected, analyzed, and used to score current investments for follow-on opportunities (and) algorithmically evaluate potential investments for future success
Manage staff of 5 who maintain community success for over 10,000+ founders / founding team members across 2,300+ global investments
Functional roles: systems administrator, systems architect, head of platform, developer, chief technology officer (CTO)
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