AMA: Jeff Long

AMA: Jeff Long

Jeff Long AMA is happening on February 26th 2020 at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST)

Jeff Long leads Performance Marketing and E-Commerce/Delivery for KFC US, though his preferred title is “Head Online Chicken Salesman”. His team works closely with IT and Marketing to make tech-focused ways of ordering fried chicken easier from ordering on to kiosks and even the drive-thru. When he’s not selling fried chicken (or eating it) he works as a consultant to a major-league baseball team and as the Marketing Director for Baseball Prospectus – a stats-focused online publication.

Prior to joining KFC, Jeff co-led the digital team at Doe-Anderson, an ad agency in Louisville, working on projects for brands like Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, and Texas Roadhouse. He also worked in a variety of roles at Planit, an agency in Baltimore, where he worked on projects for Under Armour, Marriott, Kleenex, and more. Jeff has a BBA and MBA from Loyola University Maryland and started his career in advertising/marketing as an intern at Planit despite his MBA classmates telling him how stupid he was for going into advertising with an MBA.

Jeff lives in Louisville with his fiancé Sarah and their two Pomeranians, Alton Brown and Anna Belle. In his free time he enjoys playing golf and volleyball with friends.

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