AMA: Max Segall

AMA: Guy Kawasaki
April 23, 2019
AMA: Courtland Allen
May 23, 2019

Max Segall Team AMA is happening on July 25th 2019 at 10:00 AM PST (1:00 PM EST)

Max leads ecommerce partnerships at Brex, the B2B financial services company that built the first corporate card for ecommerce businesses. At Brex he builds channel and rewards relationships with agencies, software vendors, and community builders across the ecommerce landscape.
Prior to Brex, Max worked at the private equity firm TPG, where he invested in technology and payments businesses. Max started his career in the media & telecom investment banking group  at Morgan Stanley, where he advised companies on mergers, acquisitions, and fundraising.
Brex provides online sellers with an interest-free 60-day line of credit with limits ranging from 50-100% of their monthly sales volume. The Brex card also comes with advanced fraud protection, easier expense management, exclusive partner offers, and U.S.-based support—all on the Mastercard network with no personal guarantee. Built for modern brands, there’s never been an easier way to manage your cash flow, seasonality, or inventory. Apply today at and receive a $500 sign-up bonus and waived card fees for life.

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