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AMA: Todd Kane
January 7, 2019
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March 15, 2019

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Philip is the associate director of technology at Harvard Innovation Labs. Before founding the Lab’s Technology Development department, he lead technology programming and advised student and alumni entrepreneurs on software development and building new technologies. He is passionate about business empowerment and enabling people to bring an idea to reality without outsourcing every aspect of the development and details. While he still advises select students and alumni in tough technology and startup issues, his primary work at the Lab consists of building out technology infrastructure. He built and, for 2 years, managed the Innovation Lab’s Augmented & Virtual Reality Studio. He also oversaw the Maker Studio and developed its electronics teaching programs. His workshops on AI, web development, and technology communications are amongst the highest rated at Harvard Innovation Labs.

In addition to teaching, Phil has worked with aspiring CEOs and young professionals from Boston to Korea to bring minimum viable products (MVPs) to realization, secure business funding, and get accepted into accelerators such as Y Combinator and MassChallenge. He has officially advised approximately 60 startups that have in aggregate raised over $100 Million. Prior to teaching, Phil was the chief software architect on several large-scale web and mobile applications and the Founder of the Code Undercover coding school. Phil continues to take on a small number of clients for whom he oversees large-scale and tough tech development tasks, primarily in the fields of AI, AR/VR, and mobile app development.

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