Dixon Jones: Q&A Session

Q&A Session: Dixon Jones

The Dixon Jones Q&A Session is happening on Thursday 22nd of September 2016 at 10AM PST (1PM EST)

Dixon Jones has been an active member of the International Internet Marketing Community since 1999 and is a regular speaker worldwide on Search Engine marketing and Link building. In 2009, Receptional – the company Dixon Jones founded with a group of specialists – entered into a marketing and development agreement with Majestic which included putting Dixon Jones on the Majestic board. Dixon and his team’s involvement with Majestic paid immediate dividends with the same year closing with the announcement that Majestic had won the prestigious eConsultancy award for “innovation in SEO” and Majestic has continued to prosper as a leading technology within the SEO and latterly new Internet Marketing related verticals.

Dixon represents Majestic on a global stage and at all levels of industry. Following an upbringing in Hong Kong, his background includes a degree in Mathematics and Management Studies, and Student Union Presidency whilst at Brunel University in West London. His first business venture was formed in 1989 and still survives in an online form to this day.

As Marketing Director at Majestic his objective is to continue to promote the database both as best of breed and as the dominant provider of Link data, gradually broadening the products to reach supplemental marketing channels – both geographically and vertically.

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