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October 13, 2015
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October 15, 2015

71% of the people surveyed are happy to receive advertising that “meets a certain criteria.” Crystal, the maker of one of the most popular ad-blocking apps on the iOS App Store released this statistic after surveying their users.  

You can find both the survey, and questions answered here.

If you are in marketing or advertising by now, you would have no doubt that our industry is changing. Some of the changes you can control and some you can not. 

I have little doubt that advertising relevance is going to be a key factor for all brands as we move forward into 2016. You may recall not that long ago Facebook released an advertising relevance score within insights. 

The question any advertiser or marketer should be asking themselves, did they do this so that you could have the metric? Or is there a longer term play at hand?

Because as we know, one of the key metrics that matters to the success of a social media platform is active users. And the only way to increase active users is to provide relevant content. Content that you and I want to come back for time and time again. 

Sponsored or organic content it does not matter, as long as it is relevant to us and keeps us engaged.

Soon after Facebook released the relevance feature, I wrote an article where I referenced some advertising my agency was doing.  The advertising was for a Music and Art Festival in Australia. 

We were particular pleased that this advertising was receiving a relevance score of between 9 and 7 on both Facebook and Instagram respectively. 

We achieved this with a variety of different ads, video’s and image-based content. The ads also distributed to a variety of audiences. Website custom audiences, look-a-like, and e-mail lists. We also targeted two different demographics, an all ages event, and 18+ (our legal drinking age in Australia).

The relevance rating never dropping below 7. 

The reason I mention this ad was that the event sold out early. It was the promoters 5th event, and the biggest one they had ever run.

We know because the advertising was relevant it was a major contributor to the events success. 

Ad blocking technology and advertising relevance are only in their infancy. I have long contested that people do not dislike advertising as a whole. Rather they dislike irrelevant advertising.You can not sell something to someone if they have no desire. As marketers and advertisers, we too should dislike irrelevant advertising. Because if we are targeting an audience that is not interested in our message we are wasting our money or our clients money. 

And if your advertising is relevant expect it to work. As a modern marketer and advertiser, I would be lost without the data. Every marketer, advertiser and brand should want to know if their advertising is relevant.

Because when our advertising is relevant, users “do not block our ads.” And advertising works!

After all is that not the point of advertising? To make it relevant and make it work? To target an audience that is interested in your business, and desires your products and services. 

Relevance is about to become the future of advertising, and this you can control. 

Article by: Mathew J Slavica