Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions that we receive regularly. If you are experiencing issues with posting content or updating your profile please try logging out of Online Geniuses. If that doesn't help, please submit a support request to


Apply on the signup page. Applications can take up to 2 weeks to process.

It’s free to join our Slack community

Slack is a real-time chat application that is used in many workplaces.

As of recent, if you’re already a member you could bypass the application form and invite people directly into the community by clicking the arrow on the top left>Invite People 


Unfortunately not, Slack only has the ability to upgrade the whole team or nothing  

Just like members we vet our sponsors (partners) to learn more – check out our OG Partner Program.

We only accept guest posts from approved partners who have registered through the OG Partner Program.



Click on your Name on the sidebar. Click Profile & Account. Click Edit Profile from the panel that appears on the right sidebar. 

Fill out all the information on the popup that appears. 

Press Ctrl+Shift+Y and type in your status.

Press Ctrl + Shift + Y and click on the icon to the left of the Status text area.

Either contact a moderator or go to and click Deactivate your account

At this time – if you’ve gotten a few warnings and still didn’t follow the rules you can’t appeal a ban. Please read our Code of Conduct before joining. 


Introduce yourself on the #introductions and #whereyouat channels!

Go the the #ama channel at the time of the AMA. 

Please look for a blue check by their name

Search the #local_x channels (e.g. #local_toronto) to find a city near you, or post in the #whereyouat channel.

Members can’t add new channels. If you have an idea for a new channel please request bring it up to the team?

Click on the + icon next to Direct Messages in the sidebar. Type in the name of the person you want to find.

Click on the + icon next to Direct Messages in the sidebar. Select the people you want to talk to, and press Go.

NO! It’s only allowed if it’s relevant to the conversation or a user asks you for it. Anything else is considered spam and will get you banned. 

Publish your post on the #shameless_plug channel or participate in the OG partner program.

Send a message to @david and he will tell you how to set up an official OG meetup. 

Post a job ad on the Job Board ($75/message) or advertise for free on the #hiring channel

Advertise yourself on the #hire_me channel

Message one of our moderators directly. Or email

We investigate all matters

Send an email to with a pitch for how you want to help.

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