How to Find Digital Marketing Jobs?

Create A Strong Portfolio

Before you hit the job boards and start sending out applications, spend some time working on and updating your portfolio. When it comes to finding digital marketing jobs, your portfolio and work samples can be just as important as your resume. Highlight your best work and try to show a range of projects. You can create your own website to host your portfolio or utilize platforms such as Behance or Dribbble. Make your portfolio visually appealing, organized, and display some variety.

Polish Up Your Resume

Make sure that your resume is polished and up-to-date so that you can put your best foot forward when applying for digital marketing jobs. Be sure that you are listing all relevant skills, software that you are proficient in, and digital platforms you’ve used. Be sure that your resume is focused in on your digital marketing skills and not too convoluted with unrelated work. Spin past experiences to focus on the marketing or technical aspects of your duties by listing the most relevant accomplishments and tasks.

Network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource because it offers both networking and job search features. You can share your work, apply to jobs, join industry groups, and network with potential clients all in one place. Browse their job board and submit your applications. Also, reach out to hiring managers at your target companies or prospective clients. Share posts to reach a wider audience and let your connections know if you’re looking for new opportunities. They can tag you in posts regarding relevant openings or put in a good word with a connection that is hiring.

They also offer a feature that allows you to submit to contract or freelance projects. ProFinder is a program that connects freelancers on LinkedIn with freelance opportunities in a manner similar to UpWork. LinkedIn does vet you and your qualifications for entry into this program. Participation in this program will also require upgrading to a premium paid membership following a free trial of 10 proposal submissions.

Utilize Your Existing Network

There’s a good chance you already know someone that could help you find your next digital marketing gig or job. That may be a former colleague that works for a company with open positions in the marketing department. It could be a small business owner that you know that happens to need some help getting their digital marketing efforts up and running. Leverage your current network for referrals and to locate opportunities. 

Join Freelancing Sites

Freelancing can be a great way to get your feet wet with digital marketing a build your portfolio. One of the most popular freelancer job sites is UpWork. UpWork allows freelancer digital marketers (and other freelancers) to browse available projects and roles and submit proposals to the clients. Clients can also seek out freelancers that they are interested in working with. Fiverr and Freelancer are also popular freelancing sites. Make profiles across multiple sites to increase your chance of finding a sustainable amount of freelance work.

UpWork and similar sites do take a percentage of your earnings, so be sure to factor this in when submitting a proposal. Make your profile appealing to clients by adding your work history, job samples, and education or certificates to your profile. When using freelancing sites make sure that you are valuing your time fairly, as these sites can contain a large number of under-paying jobs. Do not feel pressured to take less than you deserve.

Use Traditional Job Sites

Traditional job sites such as Indeed can also be a resource for finding digital marketing jobs. Traditional sites can connect you with full-time, part-time, or contract digital marketing opportunities. Search using keywords such as digital marketing, social media, writing, content, or any terms related to your specific marketing skillset. Set up your resume on Indeed to take advantage of one one-click apply, an efficient way to apply for jobs.  Be sure to add a cover letter and links to your portfolio with your submission to make your resume stand out as Indeed postings tend to elicit a large volume of submissions.

Be wary of searching for digital marketing work on Craigslist though. You may find some genuine work with smaller local businesses, but you will also likely see some posts that are scams or looking for online marketers for multi-level marketing companies.

Check Out The Online Geniuses Job Board

We have our own Job Board dedicated to helping connect you with digital marketing jobs right here. Many major companies such as CNN, Amazon, Lyft, Ziprecruiter recruit from Online Geniuses! 

Our job board is curated specifically to focus on digital marketing roles. Our job board also pulls jobs from Indeed giving you access to a wide range of roles while taking some of the searching and guesswork out of trying to find relevant job listings online. Browse our job board or sign up for job alerts to find a position that fits your background and interests. You can also find jobs shared in our Online Geniuses Slack community.

Join Our Talent Network

Creating a profile on our talent network can help you showcase your skills to companies looking to hire freelancers, consultants, part-time, and full-time employees. There is no charge to join. You can set your rate, list your primary skills, experience level, and location. You can also link your website, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile right from your Online Geniuses talent network profile. Visit here to check out our talent network and create your own profile to get your name and skills out there to potential clients and employers!

Do Not Give Up

The best way to find a digital marketing job is to be persistent. Sign up for daily job alerts to stay on top of new openings and set aside time each day to work on job applications. You may not find the right opening overnight, but digital marketing is a booming industry and there are plenty of opportunities out there if you put in the work and keep submitting applications.