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How to use our Slack community?

How to use our Slack community? 

Table of Contents

  1. What is Slack
  2. What is a Slack community 
  3. What our community is for
  4. Slack Basics
  5. Channels
  6. Code of Conduct
  7. Moderators

What is Slack? Slack is a workplace communication tool, “a single place for messaging, tools and files.” This means Slack is an instant messaging system with lots of add-ins for other workplace tools. … There are two methods of chat in Slack: channels (group chat), and direct message or DM (person-to-person chat).

What is a Slack community? 

A Slack Community is a new way people are using Slack. Instead of only chatting with people you’re working with you can now chat with a wide-variety of people who are like minded. 

Think of it like forum 2.0.

Unlike other forums and groups. What happens within a Slack community can only be seen by its members. Some Slack groups anyone can join others like ours have a vetting process to eliminate spam and other issues. 

Slack communities usually have many niche topics, like ours on SEO. 

The full version of what’s a Slack community—-> here. 

What Our Community is For Online Geniuses is a free SEO and Digital Marketing community based on Slack. OG is a place where members can network with other marketers and industry experts from around the globe, find jobs, hire new employees, discover new tools and strategies, services, and meeting like-minded people, and learning the best new strategies. 

Slack Basics You can log on to our Slack group through this page but we definitely recommend downloading the desktop and mobile apps here for the best experience. It would be silly to write out everything there is to know about Slack when they have already made some great how-to’s here, so definitely check this out for the basics, and of course you can always check out our FAQ page or reach out to a moderator. 

Within OG there are many channels that connect experts in different aspects of marketing with those who need some advice or who are just starting out. With channels that focus on a wide range of digital marketing areas, our members are sure to find a community that serves their line of focus. 

Affiliate Marketing – This channel is the place to discuss affiliate marketing, what tools and strategies people and companies are using. What to look out for and troubleshooting campaigns. 

Agencies – Are you looking to join, start or work with an Agency? Or are you an agency looking to meet others? This channel is for you.

Analytics – Need some advice on the best analytics tools? Want to know how to interpret your results and what to make of them? How about next steps? Head over to the #Analytics channel to ask questions you have about analytics- there are experts there ready and willing to help.

Content Marketing –  If you have questions about creating the best content marketing plan, check out the #ContentMarketing channel. Bounce ideas off the experts, ask about ways to implement your new strategy, or come share your knowledge with those who need some advice and to discuss.

Copywriting – The Copywriting channel is where people come for tips and tricks on how to write the best and dynamic copy. Those who have experience in the field are here to help and give advice, guidance, and discuss copywriting.

Are you writing sales copy, funnel copy, SEO copy? Head to the channel and chat with other like minded folks. 

Conversion Rate Optimization – The CRO channel is the place to be if you want to seek advice on how to generate traffic consuming content on your website. People post tips and topics to get you thinking about your own website and landing page. You can even post a link to your website and ask for feedback- this community is here to help. Plus, keep in mind that every Thursday is CRO Teardowns at 2 p.m. EST.

Developers – If you are developing the newest product or strategy, this is the channel for you. Come ask questions relating to the latest in project and how you can produce the best product for your consumers, or seek advice to help generate your own cutting-edge strategy.

eCommerce – Do you buy or sell products online? Anyone selling a big name product, or just starting out their ecommerce journey will find this channel a useful resource. The members in the channel give advice about website design and functionality. 

Email Marketing – This channel is full of resources when it comes to email marketing strategy, tools, and copywriting. Is it proper to use emojis in social posts or emails? Curious about how to get the best response from your emails sent to subscribers? Check out the #Email_Marketing channel to ask the experts. 

Events and Conferences – This channel is available to spread the word or find out about upcoming Events and Conferences. Have an event you want to plan for your office? Want to promote your event or conference? Looking to attend and event or conference to network? Visit this channel to keep up with the latest.

Guest Posting – Share topics you’re willing to guest post about or find guest posts you’re willing to host.

Hiring – This is the channel where companies with job openings post to get the word out about the position and attract qualified applicants. With over 18,000 members made up by managers, recruiters, and company representatives, the #hiring channel has tons of connections and those looking for a new job or to start a new career path should definitely take a look. 

Hire Me – Looking for part-time or full-time work? The hire me channel is the place to be. This channel is used by people who are looking to start a new career, are looking for a new job, share their skills, and post their resumes to show their stuff to attract anyone browsing OG who is hiring. This is for folks looking for fulltime, part-time, freelance or consulting work.

Influencer Marketing – Talk about product placement, social influencers, and endorsements. You can learn about all the new influencer marketing strategies, tools and services here

Pay Per Click – The PPC channel is everything Google and Bing paid. What tools are people using, what niches are folks working in, how are things working. How about the best demographic or statistical data tool? Those who have experience in this area have advice to give and ideas to share.

Programmatic – The programmatic channel has beginners to exports. Discuss the tools, platforms, agencies, and strategies for everything programmatic in this channel

Search Engine Optimization – The #SEO channel is a place to share resources, ask questions about SEO, and gain ideas off others within this specific field. Come get ideas for tools, keyword tips, as well as answers to any technical questions you may have. 

Social Media Marketing – This channel is a place for members to post questions about social media marketing, bounce ideas off each other, and give advice to one another. If you are wondering about your budget, targeting a specific audience, or coming up with campaign ideas for clients, check out this super helpful channel. 

Code of Conduct

Read the full Code of Conduct here and be sure to go over the do’s and don’ts thoroughly. In short, there is no spamming, no harassing, no threats, and no discrimination. Help us keep our community healthy and spam free. With over 50,000 messages sent a month, it’s hard to keep an eye out for every misconduct, so we arrange a set of guidelines to ensure the best user experience. If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us. If you have any questions check out our FAQ (link) page. 

When it comes to promoting or DMing users about your product or service, publish your post on the #shamelss_plug channel or participate in the OG partner program. DMing is only allowed if it’s relent to the conversation or a user asks you for it. Anything else is considered spam and will get you banned. 


Our moderators are those with a blue checkmark by their name. Moderators are there to be helpful whenever possible and ensure our users are following our code of conduct. They oversee the community, clean ad filters, and serve as a go-between for those hiring and looking for jobs.

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How to join Online Geniuses:  Apply on the signup page. Applications can take up to 2 weeks to process.