Big deals happen when there’s great chemistry.

Time and again, we hear a business leader say, “I chose The ABC Group because we like them better. And they’re smart.”  Or a consumer might declare, “I love Chanel — their clothes and bags are to die for.”


Business decides, consumers buy, voters choose, brands and candidates triumph based on good chemistry – that feeling we get when everything connects just right. Nothing gets done when there’s bad chemistry. In fact, bad chemistry is probably responsible for most sales failures.

Certainly there’s the practical side, but for the most part, we buy with our eyes and our feelings and rationalize our decisions later. Chemistry is powerful stuff.

Chemistry is based on personality type. While chemistry is a feeling, it originates, of course, inside your head. It’s based on how you see the world around you, how you process what you see, and what you decide what to do with it next. Specifically, chemistry is a function of your personality type.

Karl Jung, Isabel Myers-Briggs and other research pioneers determined that our personalities evolved naturally over millions of years. There are four principle personality types. Each year about three million Americans take a personality test when they apply for jobs or to learn more about themselves.

When your type clicks with another type, while selling, networking, or even on a date, sensational chemistry can happen. But if you don’t click, what follows, at best can become a difficult, if not almost painful encounter. People don’t do business with or date people they don’t like and trust. Here’s how you can build “just right” chemistry with your prospects and increase chemistry with your customers.

First, only some of your prospects and customers have the same personality type as you have. You probably already have chemistry with them. To create chemistry with the rest speak to them in the style their personality type responds to. See below for examples.Why is this important? Because, often, what one type likes another type dislikes a lot. You can turn off a large part of your own audience if you ignore this. In your marketing, you should segment and super-target each personality type.

Imagine this: Moments after abandoning a shopping cart you receive a triggered email that tells you exactly, based on the preferences of your personality, what you are delighted to hear. Perhaps you are offered a high-value bonus for fast action, or a scarcity play, or a discount, or additional details, or buyer testimonials on your selection.  A personalized follow-up can turn the abandon into a sale.


It’s a good time to think about customizing your mail and other solicitations. Many smart companies are using this kind of hyper-personalized segmentation already.

Now look at personalities side-by-side. See how differently each type decides.

About TQM – The Quant Method

TQM identifies and segments personality types of prospects and customers in the client database with a proprietary algorithm and prescribes personality-specific content to build chemistry. This directly impacts purchase behavior; conversion lift is 2.5x to 4x.

TQM offers strategies for online marketing, eCommerce, mobile, direct mail and call centers.TQM can append personality types to 182 million U.S. consumers from known data.

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