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Benefits for vendors:

Reach 22,000+ Marketing Superstars

Online Geniuses is the largest Slack community for marketers. Featuring Silicon Valley startup founders, Fortune 500 executives, web developers, consultants, entrepreneurs and much more.

Get the info you need

You'll have full control to edit your listing at any point. You can also login to see analytics for real-time feedback on your listing.

Collaborate with other vendors

Every Marketplace listing comes with a Pro account. OG Pro is a fully upgraded Slack community. Form more meaningful relationships and have higher quality conversations with a group of people who have made the financial commitment to Pro access.


We feature the OG Marketplace every month in our email which goes out to all members. On average our open rate is 35%. The marketplace is pinned to the top of the #hangout channel and recommended internally when relevant topics arise.

Climb to the top of search

Show up in search with content you can fully control and update.

RFP Portal

Online Geniuses refers relevant businesses to companies who are looking via our RFP portal.

Why people use the marketplace:

Discounts and offers

Each vendor that lists on the marketplace has the option to include a discount or offer, like 10% off, a free trial, or a free analysis.


OG is committed to pulling together the largest database of tools for digital marketers.


Instead of scrolling through dozens of sites to compare products, you can scroll through listings to compare at a glance.

Track Performance

Every listing has backend analytics



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