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About the company

Amazon Sellers Lawyer claim to be the “#1 law firm helping suspended Amazon sellers get their accounts and listings back”. They have a fantastic team of people working together in their offices around the world.

Top Features

Our team of lawyers and college educated paralegals focus on analyzing suspended Amazon accounts and identifying the issues behind it. All of the plans of action drafted for suspended sellers are written in our Long Beach, New York office in a collaborative work environment. Each paralegal that analyzes a suspended Amazon account works with the entire team in identifying the cause of the suspension and drafting a Plan of Action to get the seller back online.

Our strategy involves a thorough initial investigation of your account by our seasoned analysts, followed by a comprehensive report that clearly outlines the main issues for you. After we examine your account, we will immediately draft an appeal plan for you that covers every angle of the suspension.

By filing for arbitration, you can “take the decision out of Amazon’s hands” and legally bind them to the decision of the arbitrator. For a suspended Amazon seller, recouping your inventory and money is crucial. If your account issues fall into any of the below categories and your appeal process has hit a dead end, arbitration might be your best option to get your money and inventory back or obtain reimbursement for lost goods.