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About the company

Castos is a full-featured podcasting plugin for WordPress.

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As a content creator, you need the capacity to produce whatever kinds of episodes are right for you, your show, and your audience. Castos is built for every kind of podcaster. You can record long, epic episodes if that’s your thing. You can publish every day if it makes sense for you. Whatever format/frequency/structure you choose, you’ll never hit a storage cap.

Storage limits and caps can get expensive unless you’re hyper-aware of the size of your audio files. Imagine trying to upload your final episode of the month, only to realize that you’re out of storage space. Do you publish late or pay for more space? Frankly, you shouldn’t have to make that choice. You should be able to create whatever kind of content is right for your show. Unlimited storage means predictable billing and less stress.

In the early days of your podcast, bandwidth limitations don’t seem like such a bad deal. 25 or 30 downloads won’t bring you close to the limit. But what happens when you approach that cap each month? You’ll either have to suffer the consequences or switch to a podcast host that meets your new needs.