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About the company

Help Lightning blends two real-time video streams, that of the agent and of the customer into a collaborative work environment. This innovative technology allows the agent to virtually reach out and touch what the customer is working on. The agent’s hand displays in the customer’s field of view where they can use hand gestures, tools, parts, and they can bring in documents, and instructions. Captured pictures, session recordings, and call data all become part of the call record.

Top Features

Once you're in a Help Lightning call with a colleague or customer, simply tap the mode to change how you interact. Choose whether you're giving or receiving help, and start collaborating in seconds. Merged reality adds missing visual cues, gestures, and non-verbal communication methods to any session.

If you're providing remote assitance, simply reach your hand, tools or other relevant objects into your device's field of view. Your colleague will see your hand merged into their field of view. You can telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, upload pictures and even add real objects into the merged reality environment.

Start helping and sharing ideas instantly. Nothing special is needed to start a merged reality session where the live video streams and telestration are combined and smartly intertwined to change the way a person can give or receive help. Add simple sign-up to powerful administration and management tools and affordable success can be there in an instant.