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About the company

IBM has been committed to equal opportunity, workforce diversity, and technology innovation for people with disabilities for more than 100 years.

Top Features

Watson Discovery is an award-winning enterprise search and AI search technology that breaks open data silos and retrieves specific answers to your questions while analyzing trends and relationships buried in enterprise data. Watson Discovery applies the latest breakthroughs in machine learning, including natural language processing capabilities, and is easily trained on the language of your domain. Unlike competitors, Watson Discovery can be deployed on any cloud or on-premises environment.

Cognos Analytics is a business intelligence solution that empowers users with AI-infused self-service capabilities that accelerate data preparation, analysis, and report creation.

IBM Blueworks Live is cloud-based software that gives you a dedicated, collaborative environment to build and improve business processes through process mapping. Business analysts, subject matter experts, and any other designated editors or contributors can easily work together through an intuitive web interface to document and analyze processes to make them more efficient. And because it’s in the cloud, there’s nothing to download. It’s accessible anywhere and provides a single location for all business processes to live.