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About the company

Founded in 2001 in Indianapolis, IN as a web application development and consulting firm, Marketpath recognized the need to provide customers a simple way to edit website content without incurring a fee for each change. Our first generation web content management system (CMS) was named Webtools and offered a nice way to edit predefined content throughout a site. It used a rich text editor (WYSIWYG) and a simple interface for navigating content. It was very limited, however, and did not allow creating new pages. Our second generation CMS was launched in 2007 and called Marketpath CMS, the name we still use today. At first, this system rendered full HTML pages and published those via FTP or SSH. This proved extremely fast but limited what we could accomplish. Within a couple years, we updated the system to dynamically render all content. We grew this generation to host hundreds of sites. Our current generation of the content management platform is a complete rebuild and focuses on the needs of marketing agencies, as well as their clients (businesses, non-profits, etc.). Unlike our initial products that focused mostly on ease of use for small businesses, Marketpath CMS now meets the needs of developers, marketers, and editors. Our first sites were launched in this system near the end of 2016, and all second generation sites migrated into it by the end of 2018.

Top Features

Marketpath CMS was built to meet the needs of marketers, developers and editors - a rarity with most systems. Speed is a core consideration of our architecture, providing both a fast back end for management and fast, user-friendly live sites.

Built with flexibility to design and develop exactly what you want with the ability to control 100% of code output. Customize, Extend, and Reuse - for speedy implementations and unique marketing solutions.

No need to worry about availability, backups, security, software updates, or support. Just focus on results!