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About the company

This isn’t a strategy remotely close to one that you’ll find from some spammer telling you about their guest post opportunities they have for you.

We’re talking about reaching out and landing links from Google News Approved Sites with REAL TRAFFIC.

You need links from websites with organic traffic and outbound/inbound anchor texts that aren’t shady and outright SEO manipulated, and that’s what you’ll get - quality links that’ll pass right under the radar of big G.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. You better be ready to handle an increase in demand because these links move the needle.

These websites that been used to rank for competitive law-related keywords and you know how competitive lawyers get with their deep pockets.

My team and I rank in big money keywords. We also completely dominate small niches. It’s time for you to win.

Pricing Per Link + Niche, Topically Relevant Content:

Bronze Link - $150 | Ahrefs DR 20+ & Ahrefs Traffic: 3k+

Silver Link - $250 | Google News Approved | Ahrefs DR 40+ & Ahrefs Traffic 10k+

Gold Link - $300 | Google News Approved | Ahrefs DR 50+ & Ahrefs Traffic 40k+

Premium  - $350 | Google News Approved | Ahrefs 70+ & Ahrefs Traffic : 100k+


Although I don't technically have a website built for this specific service, I have included my personal LLC that I've raised from $0 -> $300k just through SEO.

No PPC, No IG Ads, Just SEO