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About the company

Monday.com is a team management web and mobile application. As of 2019, the company serves 80,000 organizations from around 200 vertical markets, including many non-technical organizations.

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Monday.com remains extremely sensitive to customization, and lets the user configure almost any option until he gets a brand-specific platforms. The same way dapulse divided projects and tasks in Pulses (specific rows), monday.com categorizes them in custom sections and groups, and abides to your specific rules and policies. Regardless of the number of changes you’ve implemented, monday.com will remain in charge and follow each and every change, including modified dates and statuses, re-positioned agents, or fully dismissed actions. Basically, there is little chance something will go wrong and unnoticed, and even if it does, monday.com will ‘know’ who caused it.

Collaboration is where monday.com shines the most, as all agents need to do to discuss or change an

Monday.com has a reputation for being there for users at all occasions, rather than granting assistance to premium users only. It is almost as if you were becoming part of a large family, as agents will constantly share boards and issues, offer innovations, and make sure you’re optimizing the power of their system.