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About the company

Omniconvert is an all-in-one growth solution. Our technology includes a CRO (conversion rate optimization) software, EXPLORE, which enables you to combine the power of A/B testing, user surveys, pop-up banners, advanced segmentation to significantly increase your conversion rates and build better Customer Journeys and Customer Intelligence Platform, REVEAL, that can help you segment, nurture and understand your customers, based on interpreting their buying behavior and business analytics (such as Customer Lifetime Value, Cohort Analysis, RFM, etc).

Top Features

A/B testing is a very important step in conversion optimization and a must for every site that wants to engage users in a more meaningful way. Explore is an online website optimizer that comprises, among other important features, a very precise and easy to use A/B Testing tool. By using it, you can change elements of design, content, and calls to action, without being faced with the technical complexity of having to implement changes by yourself.

Due to Explore's ability to segment traffic based on location, referral, weather, and other behavioral parameters, you can measure the performance of a new page version, optimized for a specific group of users. You will get access to the biggest Segmentation Engine on the market, having available more than 40 parameters to mix and match in order get to know who your visitors are, where they come from, what actions they previously performed on your website and many other useful insights that will help you focus on what matters most when on their path down to conversion.

With Explore's Overlays features you can deliver your message in the strategic moments of a session by using our four triggers, on-click, on-load, on-scroll and on-exit to create the perfect web personalization experiment on your website. Get our feedback survey tool and find out why 9 in 10 visitors never make a purchase on your website.