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About the company

one.com is the number ONE mass-hosting brand in Northern Europe with strong commitment to develop software products inhouse for affordable, successful online presences.Since founded by the Danish entrepreneur Jacob Jensen in 2002, one.com has experienced constant growth, and gradually turned in to the global web presence company it is today - with close to 1,500,000 websites across 149 countries. We’ve seen millions of ideas go and grow online and look forward to the challenges ahead.

Top Features

Host a website on a server shared by other websites. Server resources, such as CPU time, memory, and disk space, are shared by all accounts hosted on the server. 64 reviewers of WP Engine have provided feedback on this feature.

Rent server space from a hosting provider and subsequently sublet server space and hosting services to other websites using a specific type of website hosting service.

Host an account on virtual servers where overall server resources are shared across all accounts, while some portions of those resources are reserved for each account. This feature was mentioned in 10 GoDaddy Hosting reviews.