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About the company

Refunds Manager helps FBA sellers to get money back from Amazon. They can check for refunds when Amazon makes mistakes with customer returns, lost and damaged inventory, overcharged commission fees, overcharged weight & size fees, reimbursement issued but not received and for products lost or damaged on the way to Amazon.

Top Features

It isn’t safe to assume that FBA reimbursements and fees are always processed correctly. With so many sellers and so much inventory, mistakes happen. Refunds Manager recovers funds that would otherwise be lost.

There are no monthly fees and no long-term commitments, meaning you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our professionals will find and locate your refunds, and when you get paid we earn a 25% commission.

We've been in business over 7 years, and we know Amazon DOES NOT want automated claims. That's why we never automate the claims process.