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About the company

Rockerbox is a marketing attribution solution for ecommerce & direct-to-consumer brands.

We give you the true impact of every marketing activity.

  1. Unify every marketing, ecommerce and customer touch-point across all digital and offline channels.
  2. Identity customer journeys across multiple channels and devices.
  3. Using machine learning algorithms, we build custom multi-touch attribution models based on your actual marketing and customer activity.

Easily understand the customer LTV and true ROI of advertising spend across all channels.

Customers include leading brands like Glossier, MakeSpace, Blue Apron, Greats, TomboyX and more.

Enterprise multi-touch attribution simple and affordable.

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Top Features

Combine online and offline touchpoints - attribute all digital channels and offline channels (direct mail, TV, OTT, etc). Understand how marketing campaigns influence each other. Retail attribution - attribute all advertising that leads to conversions within your retail stores. Automatic spend ingestion - Rockerbox automatically ingests spend from all major digital advertising platforms. Upload spend data for offline advertising.

View every customer interaction on every device. Reveal the most common paths to purchase across all your customers. Analyze your marketing performance by use segments, such as new or repeat customers. Rockerbox ingests and organizes all your historical customer order data, giving you the true lifetime value for long-term customers.

Examine results by touchpoint, channel and customer segment. Quickly see accurate conversion counts, CPA, ROAS and LTV. User level reporting See how every user engaged with your brand by marketing touchpoint, date & time. User level reporting - automatically push cleaned unsampled data to wherever it's needed on a recurring basis. See all conversion data and spend data in one dashboard without double counting.