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About the company

SourceMogul is an online seller tool that automates your search for products. You can either search from hundreds of online retailers or upload your own custom or wholesale lists to quickly find matches that suit your business needs.

Top Features

We know how annoying it is to discover too late that the products you want aren’t available, or that you’re not allowed to buy them. That’s why when items are added to your Wishlist we run Stock Checks and an intelligent Brand Restriction Checks that syncs to your personal Amazon Seller Account.

Our software is incredibly complex, unmatched in its power and sophistication. But all of its cleverness is neatly concealed beneath the bonnet. Our design is elegant, user-friendly and intuitive, requiring no special technical ability, URL manipulation or expert knowledge. We pride ourselves on making FBA arbitrage open to everyone.

We give our customers the widest results for product searches.