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About the company

Superfood Digital has always been a little food obsessed. But considering that all our clients are rising food and beverage brands, could you really expect otherwise? (We ask as we reach for the snacks.)

Our team of seasoned specialists, from SEO and SEM to content strategy and Amazon store optimization, is here to help your business thrive. By working to build brand awareness, drive traffic in-store and online, we strive to ultimately increase your sales. We believe in doing the research, especially when “doing the research” entails going grocery shopping.

Top Offerings

Shorthand for search engine optimization, SEO increases the likelihood of customers discovering your brand organically through search engines like Google.

The aptly named paid search (aka search engine marketing), refers to the bidding and buying of keywords in exchange for more prominent placement on Google and more immediate results.

Much like Google search, Amazon Marketing relies on an algorithm (known as A9) to determine which products climb to the top of its results—optimizing your product listing puts more eyes on your brand.