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Online Geniuses is the Largest Slack Community for Marketers. OG is available to thousands of members as a free Slack community, but also includes a Pro community of dedicated marketers, an online marketplace, and an all-around resource.

As of January 2020, there are 23,200 members.

The over 20,000 OG members work and live around the world, and include VPs, CMOs, freelancers, consultants, and agency owners from every niche in the digital marketing ecosystem. OG members are marketing professionals from across the globe, and work for statrups, Fortune 500’s, major media companies and every other type of company that has a marketing need.

No. There is an approximately 30 day vetting period for each applicant. During the vetting period a team of OG staffers reviews each applicant’s background and votes on admission to the community.

Just your email and a password! You’ll need this hold on to this information to edit your listing as well.

 This is where you describe some of the reasons Online Geniuses’ members should use your product or service, or attend your event. If you are an email marketing platform, you would write that users can send marketing emails on your platform. If you are a scheduling platform, you would write that users can schedule their company’s employee tasks with your platform.

No, you can just use the Marketplace to list your company. But offering a coupon or discount is strongly recommended. It will make your listing “jump”. You can also use pre-existing offers, like a free trial, free consultation or audit.

Yes. To see your listing’s traffic, log into your account. Then, move your mouse over, or tap, your username in the top-right hand corner of the Marketplace webpage. From the dropdown menu, click or tap “My Account”.

A platform to connect with the 23,000+ members of Online Geniuses. OG members are the world’s elite marketers, and work for the biggest and best companies across the globe.

You can also think of the Marketplace as the Amazon.com of digital marketing. OG Marketplace is an online hub for marketing professionals to discover tools, services, agencies and events. Marketplace vendors include software companies, marketing agencies and marketing conferences.

Click the red “sign up” button in the top right hand corner of the OG website, and select the Marketplace plan. It costs $599 a year for the first 500 companies that sign up to create a listing.

About 5 minutes. Need help? Fill out a support form on our Contact page.

After logging in, drag your mouse over your username in the top-righthand corner of the Vendor portal page. In the dropdown menu, click “Edit Listings”.

If you are selling software, click the “software” option. If you are selling a service, choose the “service” option. If you have an event, choose the “event” option.

Yes. Fill out our Contact page form. We will get back to you ASAP. You can also arrange a phone call through our Contact page.

Yes, you will get an invoice annually, on the day you signed up for the Marketplace.

Contact us at hello@onlinegeniuses.com or ping us in the pro community

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