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About the company

Tapatalk Groups is an end-to-end, fully managed community platform. With your online community on Tapatalk Groups, you get services such as Social Sign On, Spam Prevention, Questionable Content Detection, Ability to accept Member Donations, Automatic Newsletters, SEO and more, to help you to run a great, sustainable community. It works seamlessly on desktop, mobile web, and our award winning mobile native app for both iOS and Android.

Top Features

Peer recognition fosters high-quality content in communities. Let your members send awards to each other to cultivate a content-rich community. Simply turn this feature on in your Tapatalk Console to allow members to send awards to each other. You get to earn extra Gold Points when an award is sent.

Participating in Tapatalk VIP+ program to give your members more reason to upgrade to remove advertisements and gain additional privilege in your forum, as well as all other forums in Tapatalk Groups.

Your community will be hosted and managed by our certified engineers and hosted in a cloud-based environment including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer with data backup and 99.998% uptime.