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The Consumer Engagement Company (Thece) guarantees improved engagement through using our no code mobile web app platform in your omni-channel marketing efforts. No longer will marketers have to tell their bosses the CPM of your Influencer Marketing, OOH, in-store retail, experiential, or event marketing. Generate conversions, get better leads, engage for an average 2 minute duration! Its all possible in one build.

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Each getting started program comes with a guided build plus your initial wallet of responses. As people engage with your CE the wallet is drawn down. Refill your wallet when you get low and only refill with what you need - the more you buy the cheaper they are. For high volume users we have an MSA program.

Questions create the engagement. Create custom offers based on the way your audience answers questions. We have 3 ways this can be done: branching, scoring or conditional opt-in.

Works perfectly in Instagram Stories as a Swipe Up link and is a natural extension of the experience. Link out with dynamic social share for Twitter and Facebook. Now you know the number of responses, leads, conversions, etc.