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About the company

Thumos is committed to One goal: Identifying optimal pathways for creating and sustaining growth in recurring revenue.


  • List Creation - We deliver thousands of fresh, curated leads to our clients every day that have generated multiple six figures of new business.
  • Automated Outreach - Wish you could wave a magic wand and put sales calls on your calendar? Our automated campaigns have a 5-9% conversion rate to meetings.
  • Revenue Generation Roadmapping - Our single most important metric is increasing your recurring revenue. Let us show you how.
  • Data Science and Business Intelligence - Data is everywhere, but how much value are you leaving untapped by not leveraging it?
  • The Black Box - Imagine the power of predictive analytics applied to your business relationships.

Head to our website and send us a message, and we'll show you how we helped our client double their recurring revenue in just 29 days.