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About the company

The easiest way to create your community forum in the cloud. No coding, software, or servers required. Fully customizable, single sign on, embedded into your website, robust security controls, and monetization via fees or ads. Typical forum systems have hundreds of settings that take a lifetime to understand and manage. Great software should be intuitive. It shouldn't take days of your life to set up and manage. We make forums simple, easy, and user-friendly. Find out more by taking the features tour.

Top Features

Use your own logo, domain name, website layout, CSS, and much more!

embedding a feed of the latest discussion topics.

We used Website Toolbox for the new Aston Martin Owners Club forum. They have been brilliant, answering all the security and data protection questions immediately. The new forum has received great reviews from our users. They have imported 300,000 posts and 15,000 users from our old and creaky forum.