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We build + launch Squarespace websites with you in real-time over screenshare. Agencies and clients love relying on us for their simple, attractive, and easy-to-maintain sites.

Many super simple websites are not worth the time-consuming process and expensive developers you'd normally use on a more complex site. There's a weird unfilled gap of quickly spinning up a basic website whenever you or your clients need one.

Here's how it works: simply fill out our project brief + content doc (for our approval), then we'll match you to one of our designers to build + launch your website in real-time via screenshare. All sites are built on Squarespace for $899/$1299 flat. The websites are usually done via two separate design sessions; after the first one, you have a private link of your draft website so you can share it to consolidate final content/revisions to implement during our second design session.

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Watching our developers (US-based and fluent in English) via screenshare and giving them real-time feedback saves a ton of time and long email threads.

Squarespace has come a long way in the past few years. They are now a full professional next-generation CMS with a ton of built-in features. Hand-off for basic maintenance is a breeze. Hosted for you and never any updates to download.

Our high-quality websites and fantastic pricing empower agencies to close more deals and have plenty of room for mark-up.