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The Yelp Advertising Partner Program supports digital marketing companies that provide service to small and medium sized local businesses. Yelp Advertising Partners get resources, results, and revenue by connecting their clients with high purchase intent customers at scale. Help your clients acquire more customers by leveraging Yelp's advertising solutions. As a partner you would have access to exclusive agency dashboards for easy management, a single point of contact (don't get tons of emails/calls from different Yelp reps to each client), exclusive promotions, and you earn a % of every dollar you sign up.

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Top Offerings

Eligibility to receive promotions on Yelp advertising products for your clients. Eligibility to receive monthly partner discounts based on your clients’ total Yelp advertising spend.

Access to a campaign dashboard with detailed information about your clients’ ad performance. Support for integration with Yelp’s Ads & Reporting APIs.

An assigned account representative to assist in campaign planning and execution. Preventing other sales representatives from calling clients.