Michael Wechsler’s AMA

Online Geniuses & /r/BigSEO, Inbound.org Meetup NYC 12/10/2015
November 10, 2015
AMA: David Darmanin – Founder of Hotjar
December 14, 2015

Michael Wechsler AMA is happening on NOV 16th 2015 (1pm EST)


Michael Wechsler is the founder of TheLaw.com, an experienced intellectual property attorney and search engine optimization specialist. He has served in senior positions at iVillage.com, Zedge.net, the IDT Internet Mobile Group and as a legal consultant at Kroll Ontrack. Michael is also a Top Contributor at Google’s Webmaster Central, providing expert level assistance and best practices for web sites, mobile apps and Google Search Console.

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