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We partner with marketing software and services for brand awareness, lead generation and thought leadership.

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Why partner?

Online Geniuses is one of the largest and most engaged Digital Marketing Communities.
Millions of dollars have been exchanged in our community through partnership, hiring and customer acquisition.


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Active channels


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What we offer?

Dedicated email to 23,000-person list announcing partnership with logo, links, and company description.

NYC Event Significant branding and participation opportunities at events in any of the 25 cities we have chapters globally. NYC recommended. Venue, outreach, logistics, refreshments included (example)

Featured Tool Review 1600+ word article/write-up/review of tool or service, optimized for SEO, shared on social (example)

Ask Me Anything Q&A with member of partner’s company. Reach is ~5,000 people from OG community. (example)

Default Channel (all new members automatically added to it) where partners can share content, engage customers, etc (example)

ocial posts on all Online Geniuses accounts announcing the partnership. Facebook Example
Twitter Example
Instagram Example

Promotional post (~300 characters) in the slack channel of your choice by @david (can provide example upon request)

Email Newsletter 12 appearances in monthly OG newsletters with link and company logo, blurb in partner news quarterly (example)

Guest post on OG blog on any relevant digital marketing topic, including one follow link. (example)

Get featured in the partner news section in the header of our monthly newsletter. Want to promote a product, service or event. 1000’s of likeminded folks read our monthly newsletter which also gets featured on our site. (example)

Let the community meet your team with an OG dedicated webinar. Which is hosted by our founder David Markovich. It’ll get promoted before and after in our monthly email.

Your logo will be featured on our partner page. Which is the third most popular page on our websites. We’ll add specific UTM codes so you can track the visits.

Online Geniuses Member Demographics

43% of our members manage annual marketing budgets of $100,000 or more a year

41% of our members are corporate officers (CEO, COO, CMO), business partners or owners

38% of our members earn an annual income of $100k or more

35% of our members have earned a Master's Degree or Professional degree

73% of our members pay for social media and search engine advertising

86% of our members are between the ages off 18 and 44

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Get in touch and let's figure out how we can best work together.


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