Richard Margrtic: Q&A Session

Q&A Session: Richard Margrtic

The Richard Margrtic Q&A Session is happening on Wednesday 18th January 2017 at 10AM PST (1PM EST)

Richard Margetic is the founder and lead of 4C Social, a digital consulting business focusing on Fortune 500 firms. Previously, he was the Director of Social for the Small Business Group at Intuit and spent 8 years as Director of Global Social Business at Dell, responsible for Dell’s strategy, governance and presence in social media, cross-segment across 250 properties, 62 countries and 15 languages. He was integral to Dell’s social media efforts since early 2006 when the company began to use social to expand its direct connections with customers. From the launch of their first blogs and wikis to employee training and the Listening Command Center he helped shepherd and shape Dell’s social media strategy, policies and processes. With patents in UI and social analytics and multiple award winning projects, Richard has been a leader in social business for the past ten years.

Before becoming an international speaker on the topic of social business, he was a senior managing global web consultant for both IBM and PWC Consulting, launched and managed Microsoft’s Sidewalk office in Dallas and, in the mid-90s, led his own web marketing consulting firm in Silicon Valley. His career began in developing marketing and business plans for startups that led to a VP Marketing position at Interactive Media Group in the early 90s.

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