Tim Cameron-Kitchen: Q&A Session

Q&A Session: Tim Cameron-Kitchen

Tim Cameron-Kitchen Q&A Session is happening on Thursday, December 15th at 4PM GMT / 11AM EST

In this live session, Exposure Ninja CEO Tim Cameron-Kitchen will be sharing how to survive and thrive in a recession based on past recession data and customer habits:


  1. How to adapt your marketing messaging to resonate with customers, many of whom may be fearful and holding back on spending.
  1. The three approaches you can take during an economic downturn, and why you hope your competitors choose the first two.
  1. How to know where best to deploy your marketing (where to cut back and where to accelerate)
  1. How to make sure YOU stay sane, while all about you are losing their heads.


We should have some time for Q&A at the end too!

If you’re not an OG yet feel free to join us.

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