Discover Digital Marketing Tools

Where’s the best place to discover Digital Marketing Tools?

For marketing professionals, it is important to stay up up to date on the available digital marketing tools. However, keeping up with all of the digital marketing tools available and deciding which ones are most promising for your own needs can be both challenging and time-consuming. There are endless digital marketing resources and articles available online. To help you narrow down your search, we have compiled a list of the best places to discover these tools. If you’re in the market for a new digital marketing tool for your business or just want to stay up-to-date on the industry, check out these resources:

  1. The Online Geniuses Marketplace

Online Geniuses has a Digital Marketing Directory to discover some of the top tools and services in the digital marketing space. There are 44 categories to choose from, including Link Building, CRM,  Analytics, and Content Marketing, so that you can narrow down the list and find the best tools to fit your specific needs.

  1. Slack Communities

Slack communities can be great resources to discover new digital marketing tools. If you’re not familiar with Slack communities, check out our What Is A Slack Community blog post to learn more about Slack communities and their benefits.

You can find Slack communities focused on specific subsets of the marketing industry or join more generalist marketing communities that bring together members from a variety of marketing backgrounds.

For example, the Online Geniuses Slack community welcomes digital marketing professionals in all different marketing subsets. It has channels for different categories of the marketing field, so that members can share relevant questions, information, or tools.

There are also Slack communities specifically for developers, SEO professionals, content marketers, and other segments of the industry that will fit your professional interests.

  1. Reddit

Reddit is another great resource for connecting with other marketing enthusiasts and discovering great digital marketing tools. Like Slack communities, Reddit also has communities dedicated to digital marketing and various digital marketing specialties. 

Subreddits are resources that allow you to engage in communication with others who are active in your industry. If a tool is mentioned that you are not familiar with, you can solicit feedback on it from real users. It is also easy to search within a subreddit to find prior posts mentioning a digital marketing tool to see what issues or questions other users have run into while using it.

Some of the top subreddits for digital marketing are:

  • r/digital_marketing: A subreddit dedicated to all digital marketing news, best practices, strategy discussions, and shared learning.
  • r/marketing: A general subreddit for marketing professionals, brands, students, and agencies to discuss the marketing field, share news and ask questions about tools, procedures, or employment. Questions and posts about all subsets of the marketing field are welcome.
  • r/content_marketing: A subreddit for content marketers to help each other improve, provide feedback, and share advice and tools. 
  • r/webmarketing: A subreddit dedicated to discussing all things web marketing.
  • r/seo: A subreddit to discuss the various aspects of search engine optimization and share news, case studies, tools, or questions.
  • r/analytics: A subreddit dedicated to web analytics, data analytics, and business analytics. With a focus on discussing the analytics of data, learning new tools and skills, and implementation of web analytics.
  • r/askmarketing: A subreddit that welcomes any and all questions related to marketing. If you’re looking to find recommendations on a digital marketing tool to fit a specific purpose or want feedback from users that have tried out a tool that you’re considering, this is a great place to ask.
  • r/advertising: A subreddit geared towards ad creators, students, copywriters, and affiliates to discuss all aspects of advertising.
  1. Blogs

There are a plethora of blogs out there on digital marketing written by digital marketing professionals, industry leaders, and marketing educators. Check out the “Featured Tools” category to see our reviews and updates regarding digital marketing tools.

Medium can also be a great place to find blogs on digital marketing topics and tools from a variety of writers and marketing aficionados. Medium features content written by contributors on a wide range of topics including blogs on digital marketing trends and tools.

Sprout Social often shares lists and reviews of top digital marketing tools on their blog. You can check out their list of 41 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools, 13 Competitor Analysis Tools, or 10 of the Best Social Media Analytics Tools for Marketers or search the blog to find tools related to your niche in the marketing industry.

While Hubspot itself is a digital marketing and CRM tool, they also share information on other tools, new features and tools within Hubspot, and other digital marketing industry information on their blog.

  1. LinkedIn

Connecting with other digital marketers on LinkedIn can help you stay up-to-date with everything going on in the field. Business professionals use LinkedIn to network many of them also actively publish content on current activities and trends in the field and what tools or processes are working well for them. You can get feedback from real users in posts and comments to help you decide if the marketing tool is worth using. You can start by following industry leaders in the digital marketing field or your preferred marketing specialization.

  1. Google

There are always new articles and publications emerging regarding digital marketing tools, so if you are in search of something in particular, a Google search will offer a large number of resources.